Why Waikiki Private Shuttle Beats All Other Airport Transfer Options

Waikiki Private Shuttle

Why does a private shuttle for your transfers to a Waikiki hotel beat all other options? The best answer is convenience. After a long flight you don’t want the hassle of finding transportation to your hotel, do you? Even if you travel first class, on airplane rides, or traveling in general, tire people out. You will want the ultimate part of your journey to go quickly and smoothly. At the other end of your trip, you are usually faced with different options, but which is the best for you? We at Go-go Transportation believe that we have the perfect solution. A Waikiki private shuttle will take the stress and worry out of that last small stretch of your journey.


Taking a bus from the airport is one option, probably the cheapest, but it has its problems. If you aren’t a local and it is your first time in Hawaii you won’t be sure how to get to your destination. First, you have to find out where the buses stop. After that, you need to find out which bus takes you to where you want to go. There may not be a direct route and so, you may have to change buses. Buses run on schedules, so you might have to wait for the next one to come along. Another problem is luggage. Although buses are easy to get on and off, luggage usually presents a problem. One bag is no problem, but multiple pieces will be awkward, especially if you’re traveling as a family unit. Even more so if you’re carrying surfboards! Also, because buses make multiple stops, it can take a long time.

Waikiki Private Shuttle


Uber and the other rideshare services aren’t a great option unless you are traveling alone and have little luggage. You may have to wait for one that is going in the direction you want or wait for a place. This is a fine cheaper option if you are on your own and don’t mind taking your time to reach your ultimate destination. This option is ok if you don’t mind sharing with others but not a good option for family groups.


Taxis are usually the obvious choice. They can be expensive, depending on your destination. They are much more comfortable than squeezing in with others and unlike buses or rideshare, you are taken directly to your destination. Usually, you can find one big enough to take your family and all your luggage – although you might be charged extra. The problem with taxis is that they are always in great demand at airports. Half the people on your flight will want to grab a taxi. Useless you can exit the airport quickly, you may have to wait for an available cab.

Our Solution

Reserve a luxury private shuttle service. You can do it remotely online and be assured that your transportation is ready and waiting. Here at Go-go Transportation, we provide a Waikiki private shuttle service to and from the airport. Finish the last leg of your journey in comfort and style without having to compete with all the rest. For bookings or more information just contact us through our website.

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