About Us


Many of us are Hawaiian natives. We love these islands. It’s where we’ve spent most of our lives. We’ve grown up here and we’ve chosen to stay here.
We wanted to make a Honolulu shuttle service that reflects that. In a very real way, a shuttle service provides a “first impression” for Hawaii.

We didn’t want that to be a cab, bus, or overpriced rental. So, we started our business. That way, people could see what made these islands special from the very beginning.

We got right to work making a service we could be proud of.

Top quality vehicles. Experienced, knowledgeable, safe drivers. Amenities, extra space, comfort, luxury, and more. It’s been that way for years.
We take pride in not just offering a great service, but upgrading it as need be. Case in point: the COVID-19 pandemic.

We immediately implemented all state and federal COVID-19 precautions. That way, we could always offer the best service possible no matter what. That continues today.

Mahalo from all of us! Can’t wait to meet you!

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