Visiting the Best Beaches In and Around Honolulu with Four Seasons Airport Shuttle

four seasons airport shuttle

The city of Honolulu offers miles of stunning beaches that extend both westward and eastward from the downtown area and around Oahu island. All of these beaches are within a half-an-hour drive from the city and you have different beaches to choose from. There are highly-developed beaches fronted with condos and hotels and there are those with calmer settings. The beaches of Honolulu appeal to all types of visitors and no matter what sports you engage in, your Four Seasons Airport Shuttle will bring you to a place that will suit your needs.

See what makes Waikiki Beach legendary

This beach is the most recognized stretch in Hawaii and has achieved legendary status in the island’s tourism industry. This beach is what made Hawaii a favorite tourist destination. It’s still popular today as visitors enjoy its picture-perfect beauty, big city convenience, and water sports.

Unlike the other beaches on the island, the waves of Waikiki are very gentle, making it the perfect place if you want to learn how to surf. There are many lifeguard stations to give you some peace of mind.

four seasons airport shuttle

Surf at Waimea Beach Bay Park

As your Four Seasons Airport Shuttle drops you off at Waimea, you will see that it is beautiful. But it is also home to the most unforgiving surf in the world. Riding the waves here can mean death, especially to beginners.

During the winter months, the waves can tower above the shoreline. During this season, the rip currents are at their peak and the waves can be as high as 30 feet. The summer season brings glass-like, calmer waters and this is the time when you can appreciate the beauty of Waimea Beach.

Bring your family to Ala Moana Beach Park

This is a small beach that has a little of everything for everyone. Ala Moana Beach Park is a good place to surf for beginner adults and it even has a wading pool for young children.

It also has a refreshing atmosphere because of the many grass and trees that grow in the area. Other non-swimming activities here include basketball, tennis, biking, and hiking. For dining or shopping, you can drop by the Ala Moana Mall nearby.

Have your Four Seasons Airport Shuttle bring you to Kailua Beach

You can reach Kailua Beach from Honolulu in just half an hour. This beach park offers a natural Hawaiian beach experience. The Kailua Beach has miles of white, wide, soft-sands with warm blue waters.

There is a gentle beach surf perfect for wading and swimming. You will find the presence of lifeguards on the beach too. The park also offers spaces for other recreational activities out of the water.


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