Types of Airport Shuttles in Honolulu

types of airport shuttles in honolulu

Transportation is something you have to think about when you go on vacation or a business trip. If you are going to Hawaii, you obviously won’t be taking your car. Getting from the airport to your final destination is the first headache you will encounter. Whether your trip is for business or pleasure, you want to keep transportation hassles down to a minimum. This is especially true if you are on a family vacation. When you reach the other end of your flight there are always different options in terms of airport shuttles in Honolulu, but which is the right one for you? Here at Gogo Private Transportation, we believe we have the best solution.


Vacations are usually an expensive experience. You always seem to pay out extra. You may be able to afford a holiday in one of Hawaii’s wonderful resorts, but that doesn’t mean you want to just throw money away. This is especially true if you are a family unit. This entails more people and more luggage. It also means more hassle when you are moving about. It usually means that you have to weigh the cost against stress and convenience.

Airport Shuttles in Honolulu

Your Options

  • Using a local bus service is probably the cheapest form of transport. Unfortunately, buses are slow and don’t always go directly to your destination. Sometimes you have to change buses. There is also the problem of luggage if you are a vacationer.
  • Uber or Lyft is good, but normally you have to share and there is the problem of space. You may also have to wait on their availability. Make sure you order a vehicle that is big to accommodate everyone and their luggage.
  • Taxis are usually the obvious choice, but they can be expensive. Also, taxis are subject to availability. Every landing plane is full of people needing to go someplace. You will be competing against a whole bunch of others for a ride.  At the end of a long flight, nobody wants to wait in line again.
  • Car rentals are another option, but then again, they are expensive. Also, there’s the time factor and hassle of form filling. First, you have to find where they rent out the hire cars. It’s not worth the hassle of one trip from the airport to your hotel.

Private Transport

To ensure that there isn’t any anxiety or worries about your trip from the airport to your hotel or rental accommodation, it is best to hire a private shuttle service. These are dedicated to airport pick-ups and so have the correct vehicles. That is they have room for four or more passengers, plus their luggage. As these work on prepaid reservations, there is no need to worry about getting a ride. The vehicle and driver will be waiting for you as you exit the airport.

The Solution

When you need airport shuttles in Honolulu, Gogo Private Transport will be your best bet. With our easy-to-use online form, it only takes a few minutes. Visit our website for more information.

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