Take a COVID-Safe Kahala Airport Shuttle

Kahala Airport Shuttle

Now that travel restrictions and quarantines have been lifted, people are back getting to some semblance of pre-Covid normality. We are back to working again and taking vacations. Business travelers are visiting their clients, but with all the precautions necessary. Like any transportation company, public or private, we at Go-go Transportation take the health of our passengers seriously. Not only do we care about our clients’ health, but also that of our employees. The threat of contagion and the spread of this COVID – especially its variants – concerns us all. You can rest assured that when you book a Kahala airport shuttle with us, that we strictly adhere to all the recommendations and guidelines laid down by the health authorities.


When we pick you up at the airport to take you to your destination you expect to travel in a clean vehicle. That is your expectation and that is what you will find. After every trip, our drivers check for left items and clean the inside of our vehicles. With the COVID emergency, we also go one step further and wipe down the interior surfaces with alcohol. This is to ensure that any virus residue that may have been left by previous clients does not endanger the next set of passengers. It also helps to keep our employees from contracting COVID-19.

Kahala Airport Shuttle


The wearing of masks is mandatory for both the drivers and the passengers. This is for the safety of all, as per instructions from the federal health authorities. Our drivers are within their rights to refuse transportation to any person who does not comply with the government regulation on the wearing of masks. On the other hand, passengers are also within their rights to refuse the shuttle they have booked if the driver isn’t wearing a mask and taking other safety precautions. Passengers are also encouraged to sterilize their hands with alcohol gel before entering the vehicle.

Social distance

Although it isn’t possible to comply with the exact social distancing recommendations within smaller vehicles, our luxury vehicles are spacious and roomy.


Following any complaints about any non-compliance with the COVID-19 safety regulations as demanded by the federal authorities, your shuttle vehicle and driver will immediately be exchanged for another at no extra charge and minimal inconvenience.

Our precautions

  •         Our drivers are supplied with disinfectants and cleaning products
  •         They are expected to lower windows to increase airflow
  •         Our drivers are obligated to wear approved masks at all times
  •         Hand sanitizers and alcohol swipes are provided for passengers

Our Safety Concerns

Like you, we here at Go-go Transportation are concerned about the spread of COVID-19 and we endeavor to keep our passengers and employees from contracting the disease or passing it on. It is our obligation, both legally and morally, to follow all the recommendations and guidelines set out to combat the spread of Covid-19 and play our small part in your happy and worry-free vacation. So, if you need a Kahala airport shuttle, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us through our website.

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