Is The Airport Shuttle In Honolulu Better Than Uber

Airport Shuttle Honolulu

Since Uber started its private hire vehicle franchise, it has become one of the most popular ways for tourists to get about in an unfamiliar area. Just like with every other part of the United States, the vehicle hire app has offered tourists a different option when it comes to finding a way from Honolulu airport to their resort destination. For tourists who are unfamiliar with the area, it may seem as though the Uber car offers other options against a traditional airport shuttle for Honolulu transfers, but this is not always the case, and Go-Go Private Transport wants to explain to visitors why the shuttle service may still be the best option.

Uber And Vehicle Rentals

The one issue with tourists using any sort of individual vehicle in Hawaii is the limited number of cars available on islands such as Oahu. Rental cars can be extremely costly unless they are part of a custom driving tour, with the biggest problem being that tourists are advised to “try to stay off the roads during rush hour” – before 8 am and between 3 and 6 pm. They are also advised that roads can get congested around tourist areas, which makes a car useless if you want to see the attractions, and that parking spaces are often expensive and hard to find. A hire car is not the best option. So what about hiring vehicles such as taxis and Uber? These might be ok for hotels close to the airport, but for any other taxi fare visitors can expect to pay $60 one-way for a hotel trip. Taxis may also have limited baggage space and with Uber visitors are also trusting a driver, to be honest about the amount of room they have before the vehicle turns up.

Airport Shuttle Honolulu

So What About An Airport Shuttle From Honolulu

Most visitors choose to take advantage of air shuttles which are available at all times of the year and have enough space to transport all types of luggage. Some shuttle drivers will even put tourists’ baggage in the shuttle for them. The transfer will be on time and could cost as little as $30, half the amount of a taxi and with better service. The trip in a shuttle is fast, affordable, and more likely to avoid the problems associated with hiring cars such as Uber.

Take An Airport Shuttle Today

Organizing transportation from the airport is best done when you have finished arranging your flight and booking your hotel. These details allow you to know when you are arriving, and where you will be going once you land, details which you can use to arrange a booking with Go-Go Private Transport. We are here to help you start your holiday off in the best possible way, so reach out to the team today and ask us about the services we provide. You can contact us online, or use our booking form, or call us at 818-800-7171 to find out more today.

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