Airport Transfer Hawaii Tips on The Perfect Packing List

Airport Transfer Hawaii

Airport Transfer Hawaii

When you’re done with your travel plans and you’ve booked your Airport Transfer Hawaii, packing is the next step. When packing for a trip to Hawaii, remember that the weather there is pretty reliable for the most part of the year. The temperatures remain constant and you will find the sun shining often. These are the perfect conditions for travelers. Aside from these basic necessities, you should bring your smile and sense of adventure.

Airport Transfer Hawaii


Appropriate clothes for your trip

Because of its almost all-year-round warm weather, packing the right types of clothes shouldn’t be too difficult. The only things you might complain about are the rain showers and humidity, both of which are pleasantly tolerable.

Island life is very laid back and you will see this with the locals who wear sandals, loose shirts, and swimsuits. When vacationing in Hawaii, you should bring an umbrella or a rain jacket to keep yourself dry if it rains.

If you’re a diver or snorkeler, you should pack your own fins and masks. Don’t forget to bring mesh packing cubes to separate dirty and damp clothes from the clean ones. Adventure clothes are a must too as you enjoy various activities on the islands.

Sunscreen to protect your skin

Being in the tropics involves plenty of sun exposure. For protection starting with your Airport Transfer Hawaii, bring sunscreen with an SPF rating higher than what you normally use in your hometown.

Choose one that is highly rated for safety. A mineral-based sunscreen high in zinc will do just fine. But whatever sunscreen you choose, make sure it’s Oxybenzone-free as this substance isn’t safe for Hawaiian corals.

Bring your important documents when you board Airport Transfer Hawaii

For emergency purposes, you should bring a mix of your home currency and some local currency. Aside from these, you should also take with you important travel documents including your passport, tickets, IDs, proof of travel insurance, medical card, printed copies of your hotel and flight bookings, and visas, if needed.

Waterproof case for your phone and an underwater camera

Today, it seems like we cannot live without our smartphones as this device has become an integral part of our lives. Therefore, you should protect your precious smartphone by placing it inside a waterproof case, especially if you plan to engage in water activities.

To make your trip more memorable, bring a camera that will take great quality pictures. One that’s sturdy and waterproof so that you can take photos of all the beaches, wildlife, rainforests, waterfalls, and more.


It will take just a couple of minutes to book your transport services when you visit Hawaii. Dealing with us at Gogo Private Transport is the easiest choice as we offer the best airport transportation options. Call us today at (808) 800-7171 to learn more about what we have to offer.

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