Airport Shuttles in Honolulu to Help You Find the Best Local Cuisine Restaurants

Airport Shuttles in Honolulu

Many people visit the Hawaiian Islands because of the glorious sandy beaches, while others for the natural beauty. Hawaii’s unique and rich culture is amazing too. But if you have an epicurean spirit and you want to indulge in the island’s delicious food, have your Airport Shuttles in Honolulu take you to the best restaurants in Honolulu. During recent years, Honolulu’s culinary reputation has increased significantly as Instagram food aesthetics, the farm-to-table movement, and increasing ex-pats and immigrants have started to shift to local flavors.

Experience Helena’s Hawaiian Food

Hawaiian food isn’t the same as local food and one of the favorite restaurants that offer the real taste of Hawaii is Helena’s. If you aren’t familiar with Hawaiian food, ask your Airport Shuttles in Honolulu to bring you to this restaurant to savor the genuine local cuisine. Helena’s has plenty of local dishes to offer, from the glorious Chicken Long Rice to Pipikaula, Kalua Pork, Opihi, Lau Lau, Tripe Stew, Lomi Lomi Salmon, Poi, Squid Luau, and more.

Airport Shuttles in Honolulu

Have a cultural feast at Lanikai Beach, Oahu

The culture of drive-ins is quickly disappearing, even in Hawaii. Fortunately, some are still doing business one that’s definitely worth visiting is the Rainbow Drive-In. Famously known as Rainbow, the restaurant has served post-beach fare and plate lunches since 1961! To the locals, the quintessential options are the plate lunches, and at Rainbow’s, their plate lunches contain a combination of ingredients with barbecue pork or beef, a generous cut of mahi-mahi, and a boneless chicken cutlet.

Ask your Airport Shuttles in Honolulu to bring you to Shige’s Saimin Stand

A visit to Hawaii isn’t complete without trying saimin once. This is a Hawaiian noodle soup dish. It’s similar to ramen but more comforting and lighter. Many locals eat this dish every day. To experience the savory taste of saimin, visit Shige’s Saimin Stand. The noodles they use are very fresh and so good. You can either get the fried saimin or the traditional saimin. Try the Teri burger, too, as burgers and saimin are a classic combination in Hawaii!


For a more sophisticated dining experience, drop by at Merriman’s. This is an award-winning contemporary Hawaiian gastropub. While there, order the Kalua Pig Quesadilla with mango sauce and the kimchi made in-house. You might also want to try the “Bag o’Biscuits,” served with fresh honey butter. This restaurant also serves fresh seafood. Their ocean dishes are reliably divine and some of the most unique you will ever taste.

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